8/17/18 Update: I am still in business, and busier than ever. I recently discovered that my activity being posted on this website wasn’t being sent to my email, causing some big communication errors. It should be fixed now. However, if you need to contact me for any reason, my cell phone is the best option. 507.220.2000

Welcome to Bonnevilles Unlimited. This site is fully dedicated to the 2000-2005 Pontiac Bonneville. I specialize in buying/selling/parting out/repairing 2000+ Bonneville SSEi’s and GXP’s. Unlike salvage yards that remove one part at a time and let the rest of the car sit outside in the elements, I remove every part and every bolt from the car. I have a massive organized inventory and very competitive prices. Welcome to the site, have a look around!

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  1. Jason block

    Bought the 2000 silver galaxy.

    • Bob Hassard


      So happy I came across your Website. It is a great one for us Bonneville owners…… I have a 1997 Bonneville with 186,000 miles, and a 2005 Bonneville GXP with 63,000 miles on her, and I love the car……

  2. Jared Miller

    So glad I was referred to you! I contacted you for some obscure parts. You got back with me very promptly. I ordered the parts and they were in my hands two days later, packaged very neatly…Thanks!

  3. Michael Stager

    Needed key fobs for my 2000 SLE, got 2 with a preprogrammed module for way less than just the cost of two FOBs…took ess than 5 minutes to have a working keyless entry again. You could literally rebuild a Bonneville from the ground up with Andrews inventory.

  4. greg

    i read that you have criuse control modules for 20.00 plus shipping. i want one. do you have a phone number?
    thanks greg
    605 376 1864

  5. Jim Bertin

    I’ve bought a number of items from Andrew over the past couple years. Everything has been exactly as described, packaged well and shipped quickly. Any time my SSei needs something, Andrew is the first place I check. No complaints at all!

  6. Bj Martin

    Just got a 2000 SSEI , 147000 almost….had 2003 Bonnie standard and loved it- but radiator crack on trip with bad advice did us in…..can I make my SSEI faster for little cost? I’m all ears😎 and foots:)

    • Bj Martin

      I meant base on my 2003 not standard…

    • The cheapest and easiest mods first mods to do on an SSEi are intake, exhaust, pulley and PCM. I suggest an INTENSE-Racing fender well intake. I suggest the Speed Daddy 3800 headers. I suggest a 3.4-3.5 supercharger pulley from INTENSE-Racing. I suggest a PCM tune from INTENSE-Racing. For around $500 you can really feel a huge difference. From there, price per horsepower really grows.

  7. Bj Martin

    Damn how long does moderation take ?

    • BJ, I am extremely sorry about the delay. There was a glitch with my email notifications so I wasn’t seeing any posts here. All is fixed now. If you are ever unable to contact me on here again, feel free to give me a call/text on my cell at 507.220.2000.

  8. Doug Toth

    Hi Andrew.
    I have a 2005 Bonneville SLE.
    I need the radio bulbs replaced.
    I also need the stepper motors replace in the dash cluster.
    I assume you replace all the bulbs in the radio.
    I also assume you replace all the stepper motors in the cluster.
    Also all the bulbs are working in the cluster so do you replace them?
    What is the turn around time to have this done?
    I would send it to you via UPS.
    Also do you have OEM EGR valve for this car?
    What would be the cost?

    • I still replace all the bulbs even if they are working. I’ve found that shipping is not nice to them and some would be burnt out just from the rough handling. Turn around time is next day after I receive it. $75 to do the cluster, $50 for the radio. Yes I do have EGR valves as well.

  9. Phil Wynn jr.


  10. Jessica

    I wish I could give Bonneville’s Unlimited 10 stars πŸ™‚ Andrew is AMAZING to say the least. His shop was so easy to find, very clean, nicely organized and you can truly tell that he takes a strong pride in his work. He went so far above and beyond to help a family member of ours repair their Bonneville and we could never repay him for his kindness, generosity and honesty. There truly aren’t enough hardworking honest mechanics like him around anymore. His customer service was top notch and you could tell he has a big passion for the work that he does. If you OR anyone you know owns a Bonneville and is in need of parts OR a repair I strongly suggest Andrew at Bonneville’s Unlimited. If you are looking to purchase a car I strongly suggest you own a Bonneville so that you can have him as your mechanic πŸ™‚ By far he exceeded any expectation that we had – Best mechanic I have met thus far.

  11. Scott Boggs

    There should be a lot more sites for Pontiac. Damn shame the brand was unfairly killed well before its time. Would love to see some of us fans come together and start manufacturing aftermart and various custom parts for our beloved Bonnies.

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