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You should have been directed by me to this page to pay for a part(s) that you are interested in. If not, contact me before paying to confirm price and availability of part.

To pay for parts online using Paypal, the safer, easier way to pay online, click the “Pay Now” button above. If you do not have an account, setting one up is easy.

If you would prefer not to use Paypal, I will accept other payment options: Credit Card (plus an additional 5% to cover fees), Cash or Money Order.

Customer Feedback

  • “I’ve always been very satisfied with Andrew’s service and parts. They are quality and shipped well and quickly.” – SuperSLE
  • “I have been 100% satisfied in the products, price and service I have gotten from him, and will continue to buy parts from him in the future.”
  • “Andrew gives the customer great service before and after the sale. His prices are very reasonable, and I can always trust the part to be good. I don’t think twice. If there was ever a mistake, I have no doubt that he would correct it immediately. Probably the best part of the transaction is his knowledge of his product.” – *B2*
  • “Bought a couple things from Andrew, absolute first class seller. Prices were great, and very fair as well as adjusted to the condition of each item. Everything was packaged very well and shipping was lightening fast, no hassle.” – crash93ssei
  • Andrew’s always been willing to go the extra mile. Known the guy for 6 years now i believe, and he has never done a thing to be distrusted.” – BonneMe
  • “I have bought several things from Andrew and on all occasions have been extremely happy with my dealings. He is exceptionally honest andtrustworthy and I would highly recomend him to anyone.” – Mac077
  • “I have always gone to you first for my parts….you have been the most upstanding person I have ever dealt with online. Parts have been shipped promptly, and special request has been accommodated. Better prices than a wreckers even with shipping to Canuckland” – GMC Guy
  • “I just received my parts from Andrew and was pleased to see they made it safe and sound due to his great packaging skills. From the time he received my payment it was just a few days before I received my parts. I will definately be ordering more from him in the future.” – whtiger4229
  • “Andrew is the best! He ships fast, has great quality parts. If there is ever anything wrong with a part he tells you about it to make sure you still want it. He is fast at pm’s and shipping. I have probably ordered 5 times from Andrew and I keep coming back for a reason.” – sethjamesrimrodt
  • “I really can’t say enough about Andrew’s great service and prompt shipping of much needed parts. You can trust him to ship your parts correctly and on time. He really bent over backwards to help me with a windshield wiper motor this week.
    Thanks so much Andrew and thanks for helping another 2000 Bonne SSEI enthusiast keep it alive and running great.” – Leslie
  • “Andrew…your service and style are reminiscent of the “old” days…when people could CALL someone and actually get an answer in real English. I could not be happier with my overall experience in dealing with you. Like it or not…I’m going to keep emailing, calling and buying from you!! Thanks so much for the speed, accuracy and service. I am grateful.” – Mr. Ultimate

To see some more feedback from previous customers, check out Pontiac Bonneville Club or my Facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Order Parts

  1. Caribbean SSEi

    Andrew mentioned once that if you are a 2000+ Bonneville owner, his website is going to be your favorite website. He is right! I own a 2001 SSEi in the Caribbean and getting parts, know how, unambiguous information AND a pleasant service for it, was a proper challenge. Andrew is a true enthusiast for the Bonneville and he will help you in any way he can. Payment and shipment of parts went smooth and reliable. If you own a Bonneville there really is no other place like Bonneville’s Unlimited. Thanks again Andrew!

  2. neil myers

    have been extremely pleased Andrew’s knowledge and the high quality of replacement parts that i have purchased from him

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