I am very familiar with the 2000+ Bonnevilles. I am aware of 99% of the problems that occur in these cars. I have written an in-depth article that includes the Common Problems & Solutions. Feel free to tackle these problems yourself, or bring them to me for a small fee. The article is posted onĀ


Some of the most common repairs that I do are:

  • Heated seat repair = $50/seat
  • Radio lights repair = $50
  • Instrument cluster repair (new bulbs & stepper motors) = $75
  • Switch lights repair = $10-50 depending on item
  • Fogged headlights = $100 polishing to get them looking new
  • Window regulator = $30 to install new regulator
  • Tech2 scantool service (programming keyfobs, modules or diagnosing) = $20

10 thoughts on “Services

  1. Nina Sherwood

    I’m seeking a replacement radio,cd, tape deck for my 2000 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI. Do you have any available? If so, what is the cost and how much would it be to ship to Whitinsville MA?
    Thank you,
    Nina A. Sherwood

    • Yes I have a huge stockpile of these. $50 for on as-is or $100 for a rebuilt one with new bulbs.

  2. Darren Green

    Do you have any trunk lid reflectors in nice shape for sale? If not, what do you sell them for?

    • Yes I do have some nice ones right now. They range from $150-300 for MINT.

  3. CJ Burns

    I have a 2000 Bonneville SSEi that I have several issues with. The first and most frustrating is that when I am driving the car “nicely” the car bucks and the engine cuts out. The tach also goes hay wire and sometimes just gives up and sits at 0. I have an engine code that the cam sensor is out of range and I’ve had it replaced twice with no change in the car performance. If I drive the car hard and it is under heavy load, the car preforms great, with the exception of the tach sitting at 0. I have hooked it to a computer when the tach is at 0 and the computer still reads the cam signal. Would you be able to assist me in were to start looking at this?

    Also, Do you have any 02-05 center consoles available in black?

    Thanks for your help.

    • This sounds like a crank sensor issue, not cam sensor.

      Yes I have plenty of consoles in stock.

  4. david roemer

    what do you know about 4.6 gxp headbolt repair at northstar performance in canada ?

    also do you have fool proof way/procedure to make sure new stepper guage cluster motors
    are set at proper needle positions ?

    • I’ve heard really good things about the SureGrip studs, and I’ve installed a set personally. I believe they make the Northstar bulletproof. NorthstarPerformance doesn’t have the best customer service, but once they actually do the work, you’re golden.

      The only foolproof way to calibrate the needles is to install them while installed in the car and start the car numerous times until its perfect.

  5. Bruce Mayhew

    I need to get a second keyfob programmed for my 2002 SLE Bonneville. Please let me know what I need to do to purchase this service from you. thanks

    • Sending you an email now

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