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Hey everyone. I’m currently updating my website to make it a little more user friendly. I’m completely starting over. Any comments are welcome!

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      Andrew Thanks again for the great work on Bonnie! Anyone who saw a before and after were blown away. I just wish I could pry it away from my daughter so I could at least drive it for a day. Feel good that you put another Bonnie on the road and was not resorted to a sad life parted out and sitting rotting or crushed. A car is just a car yea but to cars guys like us it becomes so much more than just transportation. Keep up the great work! Regards. Mark Butz

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      Thank you for saving the day for me several times. neil

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      Could you give me a price for a radio, etc. for a 2005 Bonnevile GXP, and also, would you have a E for the trunk lid of a 2005 GXP. I lost one at the automatic car wash………..

      On the radio, please make sure ALL lights work…………..

      Thank you,
      Bob Hassard

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      Good afternoon. I have a 2003 Pontiac Bonneville. I was trying to see if you can give me some ideas on fixing the tail light center piece?

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