Site update!

Hey everyone. I’m currently updating my website to make it a little more user friendly. I’m completely starting over. Any comments are welcome!

5 thoughts on “Site update!

  1. Mark Butz

    Andrew Thanks again for the great work on Bonnie! Anyone who saw a before and after were blown away. I just wish I could pry it away from my daughter so I could at least drive it for a day. Feel good that you put another Bonnie on the road and was not resorted to a sad life parted out and sitting rotting or crushed. A car is just a car yea but to cars guys like us it becomes so much more than just transportation. Keep up the great work! Regards. Mark Butz

  2. neil myers

    Thank you for saving the day for me several times. neil

  3. Bob Hassard


    Could you give me a price for a radio, etc. for a 2005 Bonnevile GXP, and also, would you have a E for the trunk lid of a 2005 GXP. I lost one at the automatic car wash………..

    On the radio, please make sure ALL lights work…………..

    Thank you,
    Bob Hassard

  4. Andrae Reed

    Good afternoon. I have a 2003 Pontiac Bonneville. I was trying to see if you can give me some ideas on fixing the tail light center piece?

    • The only real fix is replacement unfortunately.

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