What I do

  • I’m interested in buying your Bonneville if it has mechanical or cosmetic issues. If you are looking to get rid of yours, I will give you the best possible price. I’m looking for ones that need engine/transmission work, or have been in an accident.
  • I sell Bonneville’s only after they have been fully restored to the best of my abilities. I am NOT a dealer, just an enthusiast. I sell several cars per year and have never had a complaint from a buyer. I stand behind my work and take care of the customer after the sale.
  • I part out these cars down to the unibody shell in just 2 days. All the parts are removed with the upmost care and then stored indoors in an organized fashion.
  • I also offer repair services for your Bonneville that needs a little TLC. I am aware of 99% of the problems that occur in these cars. I have written an in-depth article that includes theĀ Common Problems & Solutions. Feel free to tackle these problems yourself, or bring them to me for a small fee.

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