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Andrew_profileI am a 30 year old guy who is very interested in Bonnevilles. I got my first taste of Bonnevilles when my parents got one when I was in high school. I purchased a 1995 Bonneville SSEi in 2004 and drove it for a couple years. I did a lot of personal touches on the car to make it my own. When I came across a super deal on a 2000 SSEi, I picked it up. The modding started right away and I had many years of fun with car. I parted out my first SSEi back in 2008 and immediately saw the niche market. I quit my full-time job as a graphic designer to pursue the Bonneville dream, and I’ve been doing it ever since. My latest car is a 2004 Pearl White GXP that I have swapped in a heavily modified supercharged 3800. In my opinion, its the “perfect Bonneville”.

One thought on “Who I am

  1. Richard Johnson

    Andrew, I have owned Pontiacs for ever, including GTO’s of the 60’s that I still have. The 2000+ Bonneville is an engineering wonder of the Bonnevilles! Thank you for your interest in these machines! I could qualify as your senior and must say I am impressed with your interest in this business that can help us to keep these machines running for a long while! Genuinely , with respect, accept my thanks!

    PS what a sad state that Americans let this machine pass!!!!!!!

    Rich J

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